GD Biosciences: PULS Cardiac Test

PULS Cardiac Test is a simple blood test that detects the leading cause of heart attacks: unstable cardiac lesion rupture.

Zimmer Biomet: OrthoPak

The OrthoPak Non-invasive Bone Growth Stimulator System is a lightweight, small device offering capacitive coupling technology 24/7 non-stop treatment at the fracture site and downloadable compliance data.

Zimmer Biomet: EBI Bone Healing System

The EBI Bone Healing System is supported by more than 30 years of clinical evidence. Approved indications include nonunion, failed fusion and congenital pseudarthrosis.

ZetrOZ Systems: SAM Sport

SAM Sport is an FDA-cleared bio-regenerative medical device that reduces the pain associated with tendon, ligament or muscle injuries and also accelerates the natural healing cascade.

Breg: Knee Braces

There are over 70 Breg Knee Braces ranging from patellar tendon straps to full knee immobilization to help patients recover from injury and surgery.

Chemence Medical: Exofin Advantage

Exofin Advantage is the fastest polymerizing 2-octyl topical adhesive on the market with superior flexibility that allows the adhesive to remain intact for 7 – 10 days.
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